Most efficient way to transfer records between iNaturalist and BOLD

Hi, I use he Candian Centre for DNA Barcoding (CCDB) and their associated database, Barcode of Life Datasystems (BOLD) to sequence fungal specimens from a large fungi collection project. People collecting for us upload their records to iNaturalist where we track the collections. In order to create records on BOLD, I must manually download a spreadsheet of metadata from iNaturalist, copy and paste various fields into a different spreadsheet, manually download photos, and then enter the photos and license information into a spreadsheet and upload both of them. It seems like a very archaic process and I am wondering if anyone knows of a more efficient way to do this. It seems like it would be possible to write a script that could handle this, but I lack the background to create one. Any suggestions are welcome!

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I’m in the same boat and was thinking about writing a script once I have some free time (although there’s no telling when that will be). If your project has funding available, I might be able to work on it sooner. Otherwise, I’ll just try to let you know if I get around to working on it. Same idea though: export a set of iNat observations into BOLD spreadsheets for bulk data upload.

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It seems like writing a script would be the best option. Our budget is tight for this year of our project, but I will discuss this idea with our leadership team. Thanks

I started working on a web-based PHP tool here: Once it’s done, I’ll put it on a webserver somewhere. So far it just generates the data for the SpecimenData spreadsheet.

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