Posting historic data with no photos?

I was looking through data from a masters’ thesis in the 1980s, I did not collect the data and there are no photos, but there are public, georeferenced, fungarium records. I think it would be interesting to have them on iNaturalist, but I’m not sure if it’s okay to post observations that aren’t mine, that do not have photos, and I’m not sure how too properly cite the source records.

Any thoughts or advice?


You should only add obs that are your own. (For your own, no picture will be casual as no identifier can agree)

A few exceptions - my mom’s photo, with her permission - are okay.


If the data is not yours, and you don’t have permission from the data owner/creator, don’t post them. Even if you did have permission to upload them, iNat isn’t really the best place for a mass specimen-based upload like this anyway; it would be better to submit the dataset to something like GBIF.


thank you! the data is actually already in GBIF. Mostly, I was curious to see the observations on a map with all the iNat collected user data.

It sounds like even if I obtained permission, I should refrain from posting old observations that aren’t my own, so I’ll back off the idea of posting these to iNaturalist, and work on creating a personal map.


If all you’re interested in is a map, click the icon on the map at the top right corner that looks like a stack of pancakes. There is a checkbox there to also map GBIF occurrences.


I never noticed that GBIF option on the maps! Thank you!

Hmmm. I just checked out the map for a species of interest to me, the lichen moth Eudesmia lunaris, and no GBIF option shows up:
I only recently started adding IDs to iNat observations of that species. There are currently 34 RG observations on iNat, and GBIF–as of a few moments ago–has 28 records, all of them iNat RG observations. Is there a time delay on iNat’s mapping for the GBIF link to show up?

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