Multiple images of same plant over time

How do I put, let’s say, 15 images of the same plant over a period of 45 days? First image is a basal rosette and the last is the flower in bloom. I did not image the plant every day, but rather periodically. I have tired several times. It seems that whatever note I put on the first image is carried through to all the images. I would like each image to have the days elapsed form the start - but that did not work. Shoud I be trying to do this as a project or some other topic?

Put each image as a separate observation and tag them as a group? You might need to search for info about tags in other posts.


I think the best way to achieve this would be a similar observation set.


That’s what I do. Here’s an example:

Each observation in the set has an identical observation field.


Someone came up with this tutorial for different stages of Leps. I adopted it for some of my plant observations.


What they said :+1:
Here is an example of a plant that I did as an observation set but I only took two photos:


Thanks for the reply. What do you mean by an identical observation set, and how/where do I find that? Are you typing in the area for “notes”?

No it goes here:

it only shows in the dropdown because I’ve used it before. You’ll have to type in “similar observation set”
Then you choose something to write in this field (that no one else would use) and put the same thing for all the observations you want to link together.

More info here:

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