Progressive plant/fungi growth images. All in one observation?

Hello! As an interesting experiment and to aid in sharing photographic references of plants in different life stages, we’ve taken to photographing marked plants(and others) throughout their growth cycle (non-cultivated, wild specimens).
Should these collections of images be put within a single observation, or uploaded as singular individual observations a la date of capture? I’m leaning more towards individual observations due to clarity in growth stage + date, but I’m also worried about over-uploading and spamming the database!

I notice there isn’t a setting on iNat to mark something as the same specimen as observed previously, so I also worry about over-inflating the number of plants in an area if I do it all individually. But if it’s done all in one observation, then data for what stage the plant is at during a certain time wouldn’t really be there, either. Advice? :blush: Thank you!

Upload them as separate observations and link them using the observation field ‘Observation group’.


I use the “similar observation set” observation field for this. I think it was originally intended for insects undergoing metamorphosis but works for plants in different stages of phenology as well.

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