Multiple meanings of "observation" on taxon page are confusing

On a web browser, navigate to the taxon page for a taxon that has one or more non-RG observations. The one that particularly caught my eye today was Genus Amblylakis, pictured below:

As shown in this case, the Top Observer has 2 observations. The Top Identifier has 4 IDs. Last Observation and Total Observations both report 0 observations. And then the text at the bottom says “Amblylakis is a genus of insects with 1 observation”. And there is no button for either “View All” or “View Yours”, presumably because there are no RG observations. My brain hurts.

Note that on taxon pages with at least one RG observation, the “View All” and “View Yours” buttons do in fact show all observations including non-RG observations. So it’s weird to leave them out when there are no RG observations.

I have no idea why the text at the bottom says there is 1 observation, which doesn’t match anything else.


I wonder if there was a temporary glitch or your page didn’t load all the way - mine shows 5 observations. Not sure why the article placeholder only says 1 observation though. My guess is that might be cached since 4 of the 5 observations were added within the past day.


I can see the same data as @bouteloua does. But when I click on"leaderboard", @sullivanribbit, who is the leader with 2 obs, is credited with 4 obs.

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I don’t think it’s a caching issue, or at least not entirely – since taking the screenshot in the bug report, I have updated some (all?) of the observations I made of this genus by withdrawing my previous, incorrect IDs.

Now I suspect that “View All” and “View Yours” only count observations with a community ID matching that taxon. But that does not explain why it shows that I had 2 observations, none of which were RG (at the time anyway), when the total count is 0 and the text says 1.

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All the data look good to me at the moment.

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Looks good on my end also–identical to tiwane’s and bouteloua’s.

Under About, it now says 5 observations for me.

I also noticed your screenshot shows the graph didn’t finish loading. So I think there aren’t any bugs here.

I guess I should have left these observations alone to see how much of the weird state would remain for this particular instance. I am pretty certain there is a more general issue with the meaning of “observations” on this page, but the combination of my page not being completely loaded and me updating IDs on the individual observations reflected on this page have made this specific case not illustrative.