Number of observations is different on genus and species pages

When I open page I see that has 10 observations, but when I open the species page there is none. Other species also have incorrect numbers, but those can be re-ided observations, maybe this is the case for the first species too, can someone say for sure that it is how it works?


note that you can click on the “10” and it goes to the “view all” for that taxon, which is 0 observations as Marina points out. I think this is a bug, it should recalculate these after an ID change, or perhaps there should be a “refresh counts” button on the taxonomy tab to only do so when it is needed by someone. This last option would cut down on the server load that live refreshing every time an ID is made would cause.


We updated that species so it displays correctly now, but the cause of errors like this remains a bit of a mystery.

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