Must posted observations be recent?

I have a number of photos of plant species from the last few years that I haven’t been able to definitely identify. May I post them to try and get IDs?


Absolutely go ahead and post, there is no time limit of any sort. Hopefully you have a good reference (either from the photo file etc) of the location and date, but there is no limit at all.


Thank you - good to know!

Yes, I do file by location, because I do like to know where I saw them(!) and date is automatically on the photo.


I think there was even an observation of the week where the section about the observer mentioned they’d found and uploaded a picture from the 1960s

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At this link you can see the oldest observations posted on iNaturalist.

These oldest ones are all based on museum specimens, but starting on about page 3 are some of the oldest in-situ photographic observations, like this one.

My own will eventually be going back as far as 1980…:sauropod:


Just FYI, I’ve recently added an FAQ for this:


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