Observations using the same picture

Is it okay to post two identical photos as separate observations if there are multiple organisms of interest in the same photo? (for example, I have a photograph of a caterpillar on a plant where both of them are clearly visible)

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Yes, absolutely.


Of course :) You should add a note as to which organism you want identifying.


yes that fine! usually I add a arrow or circle but that’s up to you…

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Yes, as others said. Although in some cases it makes sense to use the identical photo, in others people differently crop the two photos. In all cases people typically write into the text in the observation, or under their ID, what individual the ID is for.


Yes, there’s even a “Duplicate” functionality in the web uploader to do just that. Select a card (or cards) and they’ll be duplicated so you can make separate observations for multiple organisms in one photo. Or you can do it after it’s been uploaded:

I got once told I should not do that because it would prevent the picture from being used as picture for the taxon, which would be especially meaningful if there are only few pictures or it is even the first one. I stop doing that ever since and just state in the description what the observation ist for. Works fine.

Could circles or lines slightly impair the CV being able to train from photos too? If so, I don’t mean it could never be done just due to that, but something to keep in mind when preventable.

I prefer that option because it results in all the observations being linked to the same picture record (rather than creating duplicate images in the database) meaning you can get the list of all the observations/organisms linked to the picture by clicking on the info (i) button on the image on the website.


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