My observation and species counts don't match in all observers view vs. my observations only for the same location

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Step 1: ‘Explore’, go to ‘Location’, type ‘Ohio’ and select ‘Ohio USA’

Step 2: Click on ‘Observers’ and note Observation and Species counts for whateverwatcher (11841 observations, 1430 species in screen shot)

Step 3: Continuing from Step 2, click on ‘Observations’, then choose ‘Filters’ and fill in ‘Person’ field with ‘whateverwatcher’. Note Observation and Species counts (11863 and 1699 in screen print), which are significantly different from the counts in Step 2

Those two views count species differently, see
(FYI some of the info on Life Lists on that page is currently out of date.)


Thank you @jwidness !
I’m going to have to read the info on that link a few times (at least). It is a bit complicated, as it says. But I have read it through and will beat my head against it some more. And I appreciate your response.

the larger count in the second screenshot actually represents “leaf taxa”, which includes higher-than-species taxa for which there are no descendant taxa represented in the set of observations. for example, if obs A is birds (class), obs B is mammals (class), and obs C is eastern gray squirrel (species, under class mammals), and those are the only 3 observations in the set, the species-level taxon count would be 1, while there would be 2 leaf taxa (class birds and species gray squirrel).

so the difference between the species-level count in your first screenshot and the leaf taxon count in your second screenshot should be the higher-than-species leaf taxa.

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