Significant discrepancy between species count in app vs desktop


Why does the app and the desktop site report such different totals for the number of species observed by me? The number of observations matches exactly, indicating that all observations are synced. I checked several users, and the app always reports a higher species total than their profile when viewed on a computer. (I don’t know which is correct, if either.)

Here are two examples. You can see the app says I have seen 310 species, but the desktop site says 395 - a discrepancy of 85 species. There is also a discrepancy of 213 species for user @loarie - see screenshots:

Species count conflict in same project/place views

I’ve wondered the same thing; thanks for posting this in a way where everyone can see the issue. For me, I’m seeing 456 species in the Android app, but only 292 on my Profile on the desktop app. I didn’t go through and count, but I assumed that the 292 was the number of confirmed/research-grade species, while the 456 was those 292 + species-level (?) IDs I had suggested but that hadn’t been confirmed…? Like you the number of Observations was the same for both.


One difference may be that one location is only counting species, whereas others are counting higher taxa as well. I know with the list function, if you don’t specify species only, it’ll hang on to taxa where there was an observation at, say, genus-level. Thus, lists that specify species will have fewer than those that allow any taxonomic level.


Yeah, I’ve wondered this too. This discrepancy isn’t just between the app and the website. It happens within the website too. Total observations is a match, but total species is not. My user profile, my total observations, and rank under all observers all have a different number:

I’m logging into with the latest Firefox for MacOS.

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