Names of users that specialize in types of insects

Just wanted to know to help me with my goal and such

IE like someone who specializes in bee’s and wasps, dragonflies and all them

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Looking at the leaderboards on the pages for these groups might help you:

Refining by location is usually a good idea.


Yeah if you go to the species page for any size taxonomic group it will list the ID leaderboard for them showing the people who ID them the most. Works for Insecta but going to the finest taxonomic category to subspecies even

I’ll dabble in just about anything but I specialize in North American moths if it helps you! :)


do you do small skinny moths? like Plumes and whatnot?

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It would help me with 671 North American moth observations that “Needs ID” :wink:

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On occasion yes! Admittedly I struggle to distinguish between some of the more plain-looking species but I’m never opposed to giving something a try.

anycade1 is me

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