Native Ladybirds in New Zealand

Hi everyone, I hope this is allowed. I’m currently researching the Steelblue Ladybird for a podcast episode and I had read previously that there weren’t any native species of Ladybird to New Zealand. I know the Steelblue Ladybird is not a native species, but looking on a website about insects in New Zealand I learned that there are at least 3 native species. Does anyone know if there are any more, and what they are, as I’m unable to find a full list?

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I don’t know if you are already a member of this group but there is a project on New Zealand’s ladybirds here:

Although this may not list all the species that are invasive vs. native you could also try reaching out to some of the experts in that project. Hope this helps!

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Hi @hrb264 Yes, there are native ladybirds in NZ, although the steelblue ladybird is not one of them.

See (The species with the pink “I” are the introduced species, which is most of them.)


Thank you :)

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