Naturalist centers in each geomorphic province

As a naturalist of the age of fifty something I can say for sure that to effectively conserve nature/biodiversity we will need to have centers within each, local region. These centers can be formal organizations or loosely coordinated. They are privately funded. They can be a loose group of individuals that work together to conserve biodiversity in the local region or they could be a biological research station, or private reserve, or a house that lets people stay for free. Here is the vision: a place for naturalists to work, similar to the Youth Hostel system or the YMCA where naturalists can count on there being one in ALL REGIONS and where folks can camp, stay, etc. and do their work. There are many out there right now but there needs to be at least one in every local region and I would suggest within each geomorphological region. Here is an example of geomorphological regions

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Picture this. A naturalist couple who worked their entire lives in the health care industry retire. They buy a wonderful piece of natural habitat and get a conservation easement to conserve it in perpetuity. They build small cottages for visiting scientists and research facilities. They conduct their own management and research and contribute their finding into a database just for that geomorphological region. After years a biodiversity institution is formed there and this lasts forever and helps to conserve the biodiversity there.

Costa Rica seems to have something like this. In my undergrad days, my class traveled to several regions of Costa Rica, and usually stayed at Biological Stations. I don’t know about the private funding part, though.