Is there bioblitz guidance?

I have never participated in a bioblitz but I’m considering offering to organize and lead one in the spring. Is there guidance somewhere on how to do this? I could likely wing it, but guidance on how to recruit and train volunteers, how to cover an area, types of areas or organizations that would benefit, time required, etc. would be helpful.

I’m thinking of doing this at a nature preserve near me that is being restored. There is no cell service at the site. I’ve seen recommendations to focus on areas that are likely to be negatively affected in the future.

Thanks / Kozmo


For starters


Is or was there CNC or GSB near you? Or in your country or climate? Washington? Then you could talk to those organisers.

(Pretty please - remember to focus on recruiting identifiers. At all levels - Fungi, Insecta, try for plants to family. The taxon specialists need a smaller bucket to pick over for specials)


thanks; what are CNC and GSB though?

and thanks for the BioBlitz link; just what I was looking for

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CNC is the City Nature Challenge.

GSB is the Great Southern Bioblitz.

Both are enormous, multi-country efforts to get people out connecting with nature and documenting the species in their regions.

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Apologies - between them they eat most of the time I spend on iNat :grin:

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