"Nearby" projects only showing ten projects, not all nearby

As a follow-up (after some updates, now 1.26.3) projects nearby are still very incompletely listed

Dear @tiwane, just wanted to hear back whether this issue is still on the radar.

Right now, I find it almost impossible to find local projects via the Android app (1.26.7 (537)), and as I consider joining Projects as one of the best features of iNaturalist, I’d like to see a fix soon.

Currently, there are still only 10 projects listed in the ‘nearby’ tab and, located in Vienna, Austria, that list only contains two projects from the country (both near the bottom of the list, and one created by me), whereas the other projects are from Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Czechia, Poland.

And the majority of the projects have ZERO observations.

The fix for this was not for the Nearby tab, it was for the list of projects to select from when you upload an observation. The Nearby tab has not been changed, and there is a separate bug report for it here: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/collection-projects-can-only-have-a-project-lat-lon-if-theyre-converted-from-traditional/20476

That’s very interesting and I wonder how easy this would be to fix. By the title of your bug report, however, I would never have guessed it had anything to do with the ‘nearby’ issue.

Actually, I previously started a separate bug report. At that time, the ‘joined’ and the ‘nearby’ tab had the same issue of few projects being listed and I wasn’t aware that there are different reasons behind this behavior.
So, that bug report was closed and directed to this one here. As it was only partially fixed, I wanted to continue it here, unaware that there are other reports already dealing with that issue.

So, this thread here should then be marked as solved?

I believe this one is solved, at least for those in fewer than 100 projects. I’m not sure if the developer is still working on a solution for those who are in more than 100 projects.

I think this is a separate bug, as “Nearby” in Android (1.26.7 (537)) seems to be really acting strangely and not just in a “it’s not showing all the projects” way. I’m seeing this project, for example, which is for a place several hours drive from me. And it’s not showing me a project that’s right across the street from me. The iOS app seems to actually be showing me nearby traditional projects, so I think it’s an Android issue.

I made a bug report here: https://github.com/inaturalist/iNaturalistAndroid/issues/1191

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So the “nearby” part of this has been fixed in beta (1.26.9 - 539), as far as I can tell. If anyone is a beta tester it’d be cool if you could confirm. Note that it does only show 10 projects but that might remain the limit as we want to direct developer time to the rewritten mobile app.

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Yes, I noticed the change yesterday already and can confirm the suggestions are now more locally restricted. Hoping for improvements in the new mobile app, as the selection of those 10 projects is far from optimal, with some of those being inactive for a long time and with 0 observations.

Thanks, Tony - it is working now for me!