Lost Projects between Australian and Global iNaturalist versions

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Step 1: I created a project, “Cooloola BioBlitz 2021 Collection Project” while logged into the Australian version of iNaturalist. When I login with another account that is logged into the Australian iNat, the project can’t be found in a search.

Step 2: If I go to the iNat global group, then the project can be found.

Step 3: Return to the Australian version and project is gone again.

Is this a bug or expected behavior?

I just logged into both portals - the global iNat portal, and the Australian portal - and I can search for and find the project on both.

Where on the site/how are you searching for it?

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On the projects search page of network sites, the default behavior is to only return projects that are associated with places that are descended from the network site place.

Your Cooloola BioBlitz 2021 Collection Project isn’t showing up in the projects page search there because the place Cooloola Bioblitz Study Area doesn’t have a parent place and isn’t being automatically recognized as part of Australia.

However, if you click “view projects from everywhere”, it will turn up.

Or, if you search from the header (click the magnifying glass to open the search box), it will turn up there.

If you edit the place to give it the appropriate parent state, it will be surfaced on the Australia project search page.


Thanks for the solution, @carrieseltzer. I will update the “Cooloola BioBlitz Study Area” and that should take care of the problem.

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