How to make a project appear in "projects nearby"?

I have set up a number of local projects in or near Frankfurt/M, Germany. One of them shows up in the “projects nearby” in the smartphone apps, all others don’t, but I couldn’t find out why. What can I do to make a project appear in this list?
The only one showing up is, an example of a project not appearing in the near-by-list is .


As far as I know, there is no way to force it to appear. It simply calculates proximity to your location. Unfortunately, it uses the geographic centroid of the geography of the project as the measuring point, which means the larger the geography of the project is, the less likely it is to appear in the search (unless you happen to be close to that centroid).

Thus for example, I see no projects for my province in that list as the geographic centre of my province is about 1,200km away from my home.


Thanks for the feedback! I had similar ideas about how it should work, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The centroids of all Frankfurt projects would be no more than 10-15 km away, there are more distant projects (>100 km away) showing up but these just don’t.

Do all the projects that do not appear have multiple disconnected geographies that are assigned to them ?

That may screw up if or how the centroid is calculated? Just a guess.

Projects can only appear in the nearby list if they are Traditional projects, or if they are Collection projects created from the conversion of a Traditional project, see this bug report.

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