Need help identifying bird feather groups!

Hello people of iNat!
I’m new here and in some serious need of help! I have been working on a serious project of mine that requires me to model out bird feathers and i’d like some help on identifying the feather groups. I’ve looked both here on iNat and on featherbase for White Stork feathers, and while the data on them is abundant, it gets a little difficult for a novice like me to tell what picture i’m looking at are the primaries, secondaries and coverts.

I know these here are primaries and alula’s.

I’m not sure what feather groups these are

The feathers here are severly damaged but if anyone can possibly identify this, that would be great!

And i’m… not sure if these are primary or secondary coverts

I would VERY much appreciate the help of ID’ing these feather groups! I am hoping to pull off a magnificent set of Stork wings in 3D!

:.EDIT:. It seems I caused a bit of an accidental stir, and for that i’d like to apologize. Not once have i claimed these pictures posted are mine. I simply posted feather from a White Stork from featherbase as i’ve stated. The photos originally shown above belong to their respective owners. I will link them instead of directly posting them.

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There is project for


When I remember correctly, this forum is not for help with IDs. It seems that these fotos can be found on the internet on several webpages.

It sounds like they already know they’re stork feathers - just looking for help identifying which types of feathers each set is. That’s the kind of question that could be answered on, but since most people aren’t too likely to see the question posed in the description/comments, I’m a bit ambivalent about asking about it here.

@XeradoFree have you made an or app account and tried uploading an observation? You landed at the forum where we talk about iNaturalist rather than the place to share nature observations.


As this post was edited after my visit:
Have you tried to contact the owner of the pictures ?
Maybe he can give you more detailed information.
He is active on iNat (I assume you are not Alexandar)
Just make an account on iNat
BTW, I would not post these pictures to iNat because it might be a violation of copyright.


First off, i’d like to say, thank you for the quick responses! Secondly, i’d like to apologize for posting this possibly in the wrong area. I figured I should atleast shoot my shot to ask and scope around the forums of what’s allowed and what isn’t since i am new here. But I now have a better idea of where to go and ask. And about the pictures, if they are indeed deemed inappropriate to post due to CC violation, i would be more than happy to take them down. Again, i’m new here but thank you for being easy on me. I will better direct my question to the uploader of the photos themselves

is this just for fun?

it looks like the photos are licensed CC BY-SA. so theoretically you should provide attribution any time you use them, and theoretically you should share your resulting 3D models under a CC BY-SA license, too.


Yes, this project of mine is just for fun. It will not be distributed for monetary gains.

ok. just keep in mind that the CC BY-SA license can be somewhat limiting in its potential applications. for example, even if your models were beautiful and available to the masses, i still might not be able to use them in, say, my video projects because i wouldn’t want to license my own videos under a CC BY-SA license.


This image: looks like secondaries (bottom) and upper wing coverts (top).
This image: is also secondaries (bottom) and upper wing coverts (top left). The top right white feathers are probably under wing coverts (I don’t think they are neck feathers).
This image: has upper wing coverts (bottom) and body feathers (the 2 top left). The rest of the top white feathers look like tail feathers.

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That user doesn’t own the pictures, they all came from Featherbase:


Interesting. Reverse image search showed me only the iNat reference. These fotos were uploaded to a guide on iNat and not directly to iNat. It seems that they cannot be flagged. What do you suggest to do ?

This is Featherbase’s copyright policy:

The content and works on these pages created by the site operators are subject to German copyright law. The duplication, editing, distribution and any kind of exploitation outside the limits of copyright require the written consent of the respective author or creator. Downloads and copies of this site are only permitted for private, non-commercial use.
Insofar as the content on this site was not created by the operator, the copyrights of third parties are observed. In particular contents of third parties are marked as such. Should you nevertheless become aware of a copyright infringement, we ask that you inform us accordingly. As soon as we become aware of legal violations, we will remove such content immediately.

Maybe you could contact the user and ask him to add references for those pictures (and for the skull as well since it comes from: (Especially since it looks like he’s claiming all of them as his.) Or maybe contact the staff directly?

Edit: It appears that the 1st image isn’t his either:


Likely the user didn’t know his copyright would be shown on these images, as they’re still active, it’s easy to write a direct message.

Google Lens takes the images straight to Featherbase.

Sorry, unlisted prematurely.

@xeradofree would you mind adding a source to your original post so we know where the images are from?

I instead, removed them and posted the link to the find. My apologies!

Once again, my deepest apologies to the parties included here! But i would also like to thank you all! Brennafarrell has answered my question, and I for sure will be extra careful posting any photos of finds here! It was my mistake for not originally posting the direct source.