Need help tracking down a research journal

Hey! I’m not sure if this is an appropriate space to ask, but I’m not sure where else to go, I’ve been collecting Phoridae around my house to look at under a microscope when I’m free, and decided to look into some journals and keys. I know of two papers covering the Phoridae in North America/Canada, but I can only access one of them, this one (pages 25-48 are Phoridae)

Both this paper and wikipedia list “Borgmeier, T. 1963. Revision of the North American phorid flies. Part I. The Phorinae, Aenigmatiinae, and Metopininae, except Megaselia (Diptera: Phoridae)” as the better or more extensive key, but I literally cannot find it online, and was hoping someone here was familiar with it and where to look.

It looks like that’s a book.

I’m not seeing it available online. I can only request print copies through my institutional library.


Ah, that’s a little annoying…
I guess I’ll stick with the available key for Canadian Phoridae and see how far that takes me, thank you!

You might be able to find it on a used book site. AbeBooks had other volumes for pretty cheap.


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