New Allium Triccocum species complex

Given that its spring in the US and its full steam ahead on ramp foraging, I figured I’d ask because I’m going to have a lot of ramp observations to add in the next few weeks - I just noticed that Allium triccocum was, recently, bounced to a species complex level, which means I have several formerly research grade obs that aren’t any longer.

And like, that’s fine, its easy enough to hit ‘good as can be’ under data quality, but does anyone know why the decision was made and if there are relevant papers that can help break it down to subspecies? Or is the genus just in a transitional spot with some species that haven’t been formally described?

There’s only two species currently listed under the species complex (Allium burdeckii and Allium triccocum triccocum) but I don’t know if its appropriate to go adjust stuff to A. triccocum triccocum

did you already look through the flags on the taxa? i didn’t read through them all, but this one looks relevant:


Yes, I’m going to refer you to the flag that @pisum linked for further discussion, and close this topic.

For observations that got bumped to complex level, they will just have to be re-identified to the correct species when possible.

As for A. tricoccum var. tricoccum, I think that is a leftover from the taxon changes and will eventually be merged into the species-level A. tricoccum, as there is no other variety now recognized.


Well I’m an idiot, I didn’t even think to look at flags; I’ll give it a look.