Species Suggestions Improvements

This may have been advertised elsewhere as I am not sure quite when these came around, but I noticed that the species suggestions have been recently improved significantly for insects and other species difficult to get to species. Previously species which are rarely identifiable to species would show up as the most similar easily identifiable species. So there were a ton of Uroleucon aphids tagged as Macrosiphum rosae since the later are much easier to identify to species. Now it seems that the algorithm has updated to see these high level IDs and suggests Uroleucon for the observations I tested.

It even suggested Phylum level identification for a worm I found which might be a nematode. So there appears to be no limit in how high up it goes.

Would be nice if it were a little more aggressive at pushing Family through Phylum identifications but this seems to work much better.


I’ve noticed a nice upgrade with the plant identifications recently also. Some that I’ve been pretty frustrated with trying to ID for a couple years no were Id’d correctly at the top of the suggestions. Man was that nice, Love it! :)

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Yes, I agree that the quality of the AI suggestions has noticeably improved recently for some groups, and is also including more higher-level taxa suggestions.

It is really good to see this improvement!


I’ve had good luck with it lately as well

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