New features in the home page?

When iNat resurrected after the ‘Great Shutdown of Aug 2022’, I noticed that there are a couple of new(?) features available … well they’re new to me at least. When viewing the home page on iNat, showing recent updates, I now see two new buttons in each update. One is an “Agree” button shown on observations that either I made myself or were involved in, and the other new feature is a “Show more” button, allowing me to see all the activity on that observation without leaving the home page.

I’m happy to see both of these improvements, but I’m curious about the timing - i.e. whether it took a full reboot of the iNat system for it to be available to me. :thinking:

Has anyone else noticed this?

Sorry to disappoint but those options were already there before.
See more, only if there is, more to see. Saves opening in a new tab sometimes.

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Don’t feel bad…I never noticed them before either. They’re new to me too!


You haven’t disappointed me at all. Your reply confirms that I have been viewing an earlier version of iNat as these options were not there before in my experience. As a web developer I appreciate the intricacies of cached content overriding new content, cookie storage, etc. I hope iNat’s developers are watching this

Are we talking cellphone app (which I don’t use)?
iNat website on my laptop has always had them.

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No, its not a feature on the phone app and probably won’t be for some time to come. I’m talking about iNat on desktop/laptop.

There couldn’t be such thing as previous version, those buttons are there for years.

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I don’t think all activity is included in “See More.” At least I remember still having to open up the observation fully to see some activity, which is why I haven’t used “See More” in a while.

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