New Header Links

Discourse just rolled out a new “Custom header links” feature. If you refresh your Forum page, you should see this if you’re on a desktop, on the right-hand side:


And on mobile you should see this:

So there’s now a link to the iNaturalist website in the header. These links will disappear if you start scrolling down while looking at a topic.


minor thing, but when you view the Forum in desktop mode and make the width of your browser window small, the iNatForum logo shrinks down and looks weird. (it looks fine in mobile mode.) not sure you can do anything about that.

I can remove the Guidelines link, as there’s already one in the left column. It probably doesn’t need to be up there.

With Guidelines removed, this is what it looks like in FF with my browser window at its narrowest:

Not great, but better, and it would be an edge case for sure.

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(It doesn’t matter to me but I still don’t see the new link back to iNat itself up top)
Chrome (did update my Chrome yesterday)
Windows 10

does it appear for you when you’re scrolled all the way to the top; the instant I slightly scroll down from the very top of the page, it disappears for me. But it reappears when I scroll back to the top

Doesn’t appear in the Chrome forum extension either. Devtools shows the < div> to be empty.

I only see it on tiwane’s screenshot …

Definitely there for me, and has been since yesterday.
Chrome and Firefox on Windows 10.

You’ve refreshed the forum tab in your browser? Maybe try a hard refresh of the page?

I’m not famliar with the extension. Is it made by Discourse? If not, then there’s no reason to think that the extension creator supports this new functionality.

New window, new tab, hard refresh, none make any difference the < div> is still empty.

I log out once or twice every day.
Never seen it yet.

And a hard refresh now - still not.

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I get the iNat link, but not the Guidelines.

Screen Shot 2024-02-04 at 04.16.18

MacBookPro running Big Sur and Chrome Version 121.0.6167.139.

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Just remember Hyrum’s Law. Someone will soon depend on that edge case and will be upset if the behavior ever changes.

It looks like the mention of removing the Guidelines (post three) was implemented.

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The Guidelines link is now visible in the left-hand column (web view).


Not for me it isn’t. But in any case, it appears when opening the side bar, so having it in both places would be redundant.

Left sidebar column, then more, very last item is iNat. But I already have that tab open to come to the Forum.