Forum formatting and UI glitches

Seem to have been some weird bugs pop up after the recent Discourse changes (browser, Opera), presumably linked to the new header links

  1. Some thread titles are randomly inset from the left margin. This only affects some threads (and there are fewer affected than unaffected). No pattern based on category, date, etc. Also the issue randomly resolves itself, but then reappears as I click through different pages

  2. The link, bold text, etc buttons are totally invisible for me at the moment when making a new thread

They’re still there though, as when I hover over the space I get the tooltip

  1. Other assorted formatting issues, eg

Seems like a lot of icons are getting blocked or something. In the “Your topic is similar to…” what’s missing are the locked/solved icons.

Those all look fine to me in Firefox. Have you tried any other browsers? I’ll have to install Opera to check that browser on my device.

it’s fine at the moment in Chrome, but also now fine for me in Opera (it keeps randomly working/not working). I’ll check Chrome again when it bugs out for Opera again

OK. Might be good to get a browser console shot if you can as well.

Has it ever happened again?

Nope, must have been a fun, one time limited edition glitch


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