New here basic question how do i upload photo for identification

cant find out how to load picture can’t find a place where i can search for help on this topic. one of the most difficult sites i have tried to use pretty basic stuff i am trying to do.
logged in as suggested

  1. Go to and login.
  2. Click “Upload” or “Add Observations”

cant see Upload” or “Add Observations”**
on screen
cant see how to log out either !

Can you please post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Here are instructions for how to take a screenshot on several types of devices:

Here’s the Getting Started page, under Help:

If you look at the very top right of the screen, you should see a little picture of your current icon, which at this point is a pinkish circle with a K on it. Hover your mouse cursor over that, and it’ll show a drop-down list, one of the entries on which should be “log out”.

You should also be able to see the green “upload” button slightly to the left of that one. It’s in the same gray bar at the top of your screen that has the “community” tab you can use to access the forum.

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log out” nothing there i am on a computer not mobile
green “upload” button slightly to the left of that one.- afraid nothing there either.

doesnt appear to be home option anywhere either

But you see a green upload button? And what happens when you press it?

hi @kitaro, are you actually on iNaturalist itself when looking for the upload button, ie

The site you’re on right now having this discussion is not iNaturalist, it is the iNaturalist discussion forum, the sister site where you talk about iNat, request new features, report software bugs, etc.

this is what you should be seeing:


ok thats why i cant see things. How dumb is that havent separate site for forums.

many online platforms that also have a discussion forum keep the two separate. For cases like iNaturalist where the forum is run using a specific, independent software/platform (= Discourse), then it has to be separate. This is standard practice and not something out of the ordinary at all.


If you are very new to iNaturalist maybe watching videos might help
eg. this one: at 01:03 minutes after the start


This is because INaturalist and the INaturalist discussion forum are two different things. There isn’t really a reason for them to be the same thing, either- the point of INaturalist is to host nature observations, not to have conversations on. As said above, this is very common practice.