NEW PROJECT: Cartilaginous Fishes x Aquatic Debris

I realized this is a nice place to post our projects and have some attention. Thus, I want cordially invite you all to collaborate with the
Cartilaginous Fishes x Aquatic Debris project.

The project is for observations showing different types of interaction between aquatic debris and sharks, rays and chimeras. As we know, plastic in the environment is ubiquitous and problematic, thus the project include marine and freshwater ecosystem, to address freshwater elasmobranchs, as river stingrays (Potamotrygonidae), sawfishes (Pristiformes), as well other species


Some examples: Spotted Houndshark in a discarded net found in Perú

bignose fanskate egg cases entangled in fishing lines from Argentina

I remain open to comments, advice and others!


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