ID ressources on mesopelagic faunas of the Northeastern Pacific?


I have a bunch of observations from a deep-sea (mesopelagic) trawl in Southern California that I’d like to upload on iNat.
It’s mostly ray-finned fishes, for which I mostly have good IDs, but I’m clueless on “invertebrates”.

Do you know if there’s an online ressource that gives at least some information on the faunal composition, or - better - some ID elements, of the mesopelagic fauna of the area?


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I know this fauna has been relatively well documented, but I’m not sure how much is online (or even published). SBMNH has a good print series on marine invertebrates from the Santa Barbara Channel I think (perhaps not deep enough though), and the Velero expeditions did extensive sampling of this area. That would all be in the museums though. I have print literature for bivalves if you want IDs, and I should be able to get gastropods to family at least.


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