Newly added places dont load old observations to "species" and "observations" tabs

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Step 1: I created some new places on my city. Some have no observations at all, so they have no problem. But the ones that have “old observations” (previous to the creation of the place) aren’t recognizing those observations. (species and observations tab is therefore empty)

Step 2: I tried this: went to my observations on those places, and re-identified them. After this, they started showing up on the species and observations tab.

Step 3: The problem is that other people’s observations are still not showing up (The Podarcis guadarramae observation showed on the screenshot), and therefore the place doesnt account for the species observed by other observers.
EDIT: managed to add the Podarcis guadarramae observation manually. But on the “people” tab of that place, I’m the only observer.

Step 4: Another problem is that, for bigger areas, it would be necessary to manually add/re-identify all observations. This would be very time-consuming and would increase the probability of errors.

Step 5: When observations/species from other users are added manualy, the other users are not added to the “people” tab of the place.

Hope I could explain the problem correctly.

I don’t think there’s a bug here - places are taxing on our infrastructure and can take time to populate because observations need to be re-indexed and that is usually delayed. Re-identifying the observations forced them to re-index sooner, which is why they started showing up.

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Maybe related, but I created a new location weeks (months?) ago, and the species tab is still empty:

Observations and people show up, but shouldn’t there also be species by now?

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I see plenty of observations there on the Observations tab, which shows all species that have been indexed in that place.

I think the issue is that you’re looking at the Species tab, which is taken from a checklist. You probably did not turn on checklists for the place. If you edit it and do so, that tab should fill up, although it might take a little while.

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