News article: iNaturalist used to document newt roadkill in California


So inaturalist is in the news again

How does a newt cross the road? The teams trying to end a nightly carnage

Volunteers work quickly to photograph and geotag each newt – whether dead or alive – that they spot on the road, uploading the information to the citizen science website iNaturalist.

This is the project being referred to :

2021-2022 Chileno Valley Newt Brigade Winter


Oh, interesting! I didn’t know until now that there was such a project!


(changed the title to something more specific)

Yeah, this is the latest newt protection group in the Bay Area using iNat to document roadkill, which is cool. The original, I believe, is the group recording observations by Lexington Reservoir in Santa Cruz. Here’s their project for this season. Atlas Obscura article here.

Also, stumbled on this very old article about iNat and herps from 2011!


Very neat! Perhaps a tunnel under the road? I’ve never seen a newt in the wild, and it’s kind of sad to see so many needlessly killed.

Thank you :-)

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Newt preservation - : See Something Say Something

News story about Lexington project

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Not printed news - but an iNat project for our leopard toads


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