Newt preservation - : See Something Say Something

The See Something Say Something article in this quarterly newsletter shows how one person can make a difference using iNat.


I’m wondering about further ideas like this. How might you envision people using iNat to benefit wildlife in 2022?


Maybe iNat could be used to track animals killed by bikes or other human activities in parks? I’ve noticed a few snakes accidentally hit by bikes in local parks. I don’t think it’s anywhere near the problem as the newts, but perhaps something to note.

Sadly, I’ve seen bike strikes on trails, also. One time my friend and I rescued a king snake in a park on a fire road whose lower body had been amputated by a mower. We took it to an animal rescue where it was euthanized.

I would wonder how many snakes and other animals are killed by mowers. But, it’s hard to see such accidents in the grass.

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I believe there is a project that is similar for birds, something like “birds that died by hitting windows” or something similar to that effect.

EDIT: Nvm, there doesnt seem to be, it was just one of my observations added to the project “Dead Birds” with an annotation “Likely cause of death? Window”. Likely would be difficult to guess cause of death just from a photo anyhow.


One of my observations was added to such a project about a week ago. It’s called “Bird Strikes”.


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