No automated location in App anymore?


I do not put this in bugs, as I think it is probably just a wrong setting somewhere.

I sometimes use my phone and the iNat-App to upload pictures - purposefully to get locations right later if I upload all my observations. Up to recently (at least until 2 weeks ago) the app would use the location saved with the picture upon upload, which I found really neat. But suddently the App does not find the location information anymore and I have to add it manually…even for the observations I had uploaded 2 weeks ago and for which it still worked… So I guess somehow the setting changed? But I don´t know why (maybe an update) and where to change it back.

Can someone help me out please?


likely this


Thanks! Thats the same issue. And the workaround mentioned there seems to work for me as well.


Closing here to re-direct any further discussion to the above linked bug report.