No Indication of Disagreement

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On several observations like the linked one, the community algorithm (correctly) treats the ID to a different ‘tribe’ as a disagreement, but 1.) Does not show the ‘X disagrees this is Y’ text on any of the identifications and 2.) The community taxon box shows only ‘green’ indicating no disagreements, and clicking on each individual ID in the community taxon box the entire tree is green, indicating no disagreements anywhere.

This is confusing as it takes manual analysis to determine which ID is preventing the observation from attaining RG status. The behavior is not related to the taxon split committed this morning affecting that observation, as it was happening before that too.

3 IDs across 2 tribes puts it in sub-family.
Not yet enough consensus for - this is disagreement.

Hard to move that ID. Only 2 obs on iNat, but maybe the observer will reconsider?

(That is why the 2 against 1 Pre-Mavericks are both challenging and rewarding)

Yes, I agree that the calculation is correct because there is in fact a disagreement (possibly an accidental one in this case but that is irrelevant). What I think is a bug is the fact that there is no indication that there is a disagreement; normally if some observer IDs something as ‘genus allium’ and I add an ID to ‘genus tulbaghia’, my ID would have a flair that says ‘wildskyflower disagrees this is genus allium’, but this observation has nothing like that.

You only get the flair if the ID disagrees with the observation taxon at the time of the ID. As far as I can tell, the observation taxon at the time was subfamily (same as now), so the tribe ID didn’t disagree with it.

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So, the sequence is probably something like
1.) ID to species X
2.) Disagreeing ID to species Y
3.) Higher level ID that agrees with species X but not Y
4.) second ID to species Y
5.) species X ID withdrawn

I guess there is a design choice in not adding the disagreement flair retroactively so maybe it is not literally a coding bug, however in that case I feel like it is sort of an interface design bug because I think your average non-algorithm-savy user cannot determine what the source of the disagreement is. I think that at least the ‘community taxon’ box on the right should have some clear non-order-of-operations dependent indication that there is a disagreement.

If you want to see this - join the Pre-Maverick project where you will get a link.