ID is red in Community Taxon section but is not a disagreement

Hey everyone, I’ve noticed on a few observations recently that withdrawn IDs still count against community taxon consensus.

For example, on this luna moth I suggested the wrong silkworm group, noticed and corrected immediately, but the community taxon is still showing a disagreement.

For this observation of course it doesn’t matter, but for one with less IDs it might.

Or has this always been a thing and I just never noticed?


There’s an open bug report on Github for this here:

Thankfully it’s not actually counting “against” the community taxon though (otherwise it would need one more ID to flip to Actias luna - >2/3 agreement).


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Step 1: Why is there still a red mark if there are no more contradictions between IDs?

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Step 3:

Потому что disagreement работает против, хотя по логике и не противоречит более точным определениям, есть несколько топиков по этой теме, мне сейчас с телефона сложно найти.

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This is a known bug, I’ve moved your post to the relevant topic.

Discussion also here:

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