No items listed under "The below items are needed to achieve Research Grade" on 3 observations

Platform: Website

Browser: Firefox v76 64bit AND Chrome v81 64bit


  • plus: observations 42811273 and 42811254, since I am a new user and I’m not allowed to include more links.

(EDIT: Third observation no longer displaying issues since @kitty12 added an ID :) )
[Moderator note: bouteloua added the URLs here]

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem:

I’ve noticed 3 of my observations are blank under the “The below items are needed to achieve Research Grade” section of their pages (all 3 listed above). I have used two different browsers on different days and have gotten the same result. The rest of my observations display correctly. What’s up with that?

Step 1: View any of my 3 linked observations via a browser.

Step 2: Is there a blank space under “The below items are needed to achieve Research Grade”?

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The first observation is missing a second species-level ID / a species-level Community ID.

though I think that is supposed to be listed beneath the requirements.

The second observation]( appears to be the same. As does the third.

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It appears for my observations too, but only those sitting at needs ID and species level.

Something at needs ID and above species level has this:

But it seems anything at species level and needs ID is blank like OP:


i think it’s more than that. as far as i can tell, this condition occurs when you have multiple IDs, where one is at species level and another is at a parent taxon. so technically in this kind of situation, the ID is supported by 2 or more IDs. the observation taxon is at species level or lower, but the community taxon is at the parent taxon rank. so technically, you should see the “Community Taxon at species level or lower” indicator, but i bet that might actually cause some confusion because most people probably don’t understand the difference between observation taxon and community taxon…


(Your third observation is now listed as research grade, because I agreed with your identification.)


Checking in on old bug reports.

First one where community ID is at section rank now says “Community taxon is precise”

Second one where community ID is at kingdom rank is still blank

Third one where community ID is at species rank is, as you said, now OK now since an ID was added since you first reported it

(the unfortunate casual/needs ID/research grade shifted labels is documented here)