No way to switch between the phone's cameras in the app?

So in Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro there is an additional rather good macro camera, but in the iN I see no way how to use it, it uses only main camera. In the default camera app there is an option “super macro” that uses it, but it’s not available if using iN app. Of course I can simply upload photo, but it’s clearly not the way how it should be.

I’ve also experienced it, you can only take photos with “auto” mode in iNat app. If you’ve to take photos in some special mode like the one you mentioned, you’ll have to take photos through Camera app in your phone and then upload them on iNat.

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I have mi9 and I can switch 3 cameras in app, but yes, all other options are no shown.

I don’t know or think that this is something the devs can fix. It’s an issue with the hardware not being controllable by a third-party application, which makes sense.

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Not sure if this will apply to your issue (similar but not the same) but it’s something to try…
I have an android phone with two camera apps, one came with the phone, the other downloaded, but only the pre-loaded app showed up in iNat. I cleared the defaults in the main camera app on the phone. Now both apps now show up in iNat when I tap the + button to make a photo.

which app you’ve downloaded?

“Open Camera”. Sometimes one works better than the other. I use the pre-loaded camera more often because I find the voice command a most useful feature. I can hold the phone with both hands and make the photo w/o moving the phone.

I’ve tested it, it also can’t use all these modes and additional cameras.

There are actually also other significant features that only available in default camera app in my Note10pro: night mode, 108mp mode, AI, in addition to super macro with separate camera.

I’ve tried to post this issue also in “feature request”, but it seems that moderators haven’t approved (pre-moderation there), perhaps it means that they can’t fix it, which is very bad.

Can you please provide a screenshot of what you see when you open the camera app in iNat?

Yes, I’m checking with our Android developer about its feasibility but we’d need a bit more information first.

Here are screenshots from iN app and default app


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