Non-continuous project boundaries

I am helping a large nature conservancy in Minnesota create an iNaturalist project. They have 1,500 non-contiguous acres under management, representing almost every kind of biome in Minnesota. I’ve submitted dozens of observations over the years from their various parcels, and I’m sure others have, too. (In other words, it should already be a sizable and worthy collection project.) But the organization is finally ready to create an actual iNat project. Once this is done, I’m sure they’ll hold bio-blitzes and find other ways to encourage use of the app.

For now, I am wondering how to delineate each parcel and bring all the properties together as a single collection project called Belwin Conservancy. The second question would be to confirm that all previous and future observations in that designated area will be automatically tagged to the Belwin Conservancy project, once it’s created.

Do you have a need to collect information about the parcels individually or only in aggregate? If you only want them all together, you just need to create a place with all the separate pieces as different parts of a single multi-part feature in a kml.

Once the place is set up, you use that place as the basis for a collection project.

Past and future observations would get collected automatically. Note that small places will not collect obscured observations, more info here:


Excellent, thanks so much!!

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