A series of places or a project

Hi all,

I’m trying to find the most efficient way to use iNaturalist for my research. What I want to do is quickly be able to scan Lepidoptera records in any one of the 7 ecoregions in New York State.

The ecoregions do not exist as a place for just NY, so I could create 7 places and that would serve my purposes just fine. However there is a warning about creating new places.

So my question is, should I create the seven places (I have a KML file for each ecoregion in NY) or would a project do a better job? And if a project is best, would this automatically collect all records or would people have to opt in?



You can’t create a project without those places, so you’ll have to create those anyway (if they’re not too big for a regular user to create), warning is more to prevent creating duplicates and unnecessary places. You can create a collectional project with all the places together or separate projects under umbrella one if you’d like them to be separated at default (which seems to be your desire).

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