Northern flicker vs Northern red shafter flicker

I came across 3 within the last 2 days, where Inaturalist was not suggesting the ssp of red shafted. I had to type it out for it to recognize the species.

the latest one

once it’s accepted as research grade, the option to correct it is no longer available.

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I think iNaturalist no longer suggests subspecies/varieties. Looks like the IDers got that one where it should be.


@sedgequeen is correct. iNat does not suggest anything below the species level.

Subspecies can be a contentious topic and the same discussions tend to happen over and over each time a thread about subspecies is started. So anyone curious to know more about different stances on subspecies designations should search the many existing threads.

To name just a few:
Thoughts on Subspecies?
Subspecies. How useful are they?
Improve support / workflow for subspecies?
Question Regarding Subspecies Identification


Can you clarify what you mean by this? You’re always able to withdraw/add a new identification, whether its your own observation or someone else’s.


in the example i provided. I could not “Upgrade” the Id to its sub species… Inat would not even provided it in the suggestions. I had to type it out to have the option available. and then it did not change the “research status”… but as I am being informed , it’s standard with INat.

I did not know that.

If more people add IDs at subspecies level, it will upgrade.

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