Research grade not appearing

This observation has 4 agreeing IDs, none disagreeing, but not RG.


the “Yes” response is checked to “Based on the evidence, can the Community ID still be confirmed or improved?” I checked No, and the observation went to Research Grade, but i removed my No since the Yes comes from the original observer. maybe he wants to do some additional IDing down below species level?


the observation was nearly 3 years ago, and uploaded nearly 2 years ago. Last observation from observer was over a year ago, and there are no comments suggesting they are looking for anything in particular nor can I see any room to “add value”, so I have marked it “as good as it can be”. Observer can respond to dialog if they want it back in the pool…

Cheers guys. No subspecies for this species, so wasn’t that

iNat’s taxonomy has 2 subspecies.

A madagascan ssp and the nominate. Given the location of the observation I would doubt the observer is waiting for a ssp ID

Thanks Mark, should’ve clarified that (no subspecies in Australia)

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