Not Able to Log In

Every time I try to log in (on the website) using the Google option it just 404 errors…
This is the web address it tries to use:

Yup, my mistake. Working on it. Normal username / password sign in should be working fine.


@brennafarrell, should be fixed now. Can you give it another try?

It works now. Thanks!

The site is doing it to me now. D:

Are you still experiencing the issue?

Not now. It seems to do it off and on.

I’m still having the same issue.

Usually it takes one or two clicks of the Google button before I actually go to the goog sign in instead of the 404 page linked above, but recently it seems to be getting worse (I now often fail to sign in even after pressing the button three or four times in a row).

Update: not sure if it helps with debugging, but when I click “open link in new tab”, the new tab redirects to a 404. However if I close the new tab and click the goog button again immediately (without opening a second new tab) it takes me instantly to the right page.

Are you using, or one of the network member sites? I was just able to sign in with Google at

@tiwane I always use

I see that too. Any reason you’re choosing to open it in a new tab?

Can you please provide a set of step by step instructions we can follow to try and replicate exactly what you’re doing? Please include screenshots and URLs if possible. That will cut down on the amount of guessing by the people investigating this.

Fortunately the issue seems to have mysteriously resolved itself, I’ll keep you updated if it reappears.

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