"Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app" message

Getting a message as follows when i try to login via my Google credentials

Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app

This app has not been verified yet by Google in order to use Google Sign In.

I have the same problem! And - I am really quite desperate, because I have used google login since I joined. This means that I cannot access my inaturalist account!

Is… anyone addressing this, I wonder?

Just to update 9 hours or so later. I can login via Google on my Android phone and via the web client. I continue getting the error when trying to login via my Android tablet

You just need to know enough to ignore the warnings. After you hit Login with google, you get the warning page, at least in Chrome.

Where it says “Advanced”, click.

Then at the bottom, click "Go to inaturalist.org (unsafe).

I started iNaturalist with Google account (credential),
then created (or added) a password for the time of need.
Now, I enter iNaturalist both Google account (credential) and password.


no such button or link exists. It is just the warning text, nothing else.

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And I have lost the ability to login via the web app now as well

@cmcheatle can you confirm that you’re logging into iNaturalist.org? Or inaturalist.ca? I just tested both on Chrome Version 78.0.3904.70 and didn’t receive the warning you encountered.

@mettehhh can you also confirm exactly how you are trying to log in and the message you encounter?

Edited to add: please include affected browser/app version(s) as well, since we haven’t been able to replicate.

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.org login and now getting it on phone too, suspect I just had an open session that had not expired, but now unable to login via any device.

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I am trying to log into inaturalist.org using the “log in with google” alternative to entering a username + password. My browser is Chrome.

Since I am in Denmark, the error message I get is in Danish, but I attach it for documentation anyway. The message translates to: "“login with google is temporarily disabled for this app. This app has not been confirmed with google, so it cannot make use of login with google”.

For now, I solved my personal problem: I simply entered my gmail-address and asked for a new password, and luckily my gmail appears to be the default assigned username when the account was made with “login with google”.

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I can replicate in Firefox, we’re looking into it.

Hi all I have the same problem.

I am trying to log in the way I always do. I click google icon at the sign in page and login with my professional google credentials. Since last night I get the following message; “sign in with google temporarily disabled for this app”. There is nothing else on the page I can click on.

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I also cannot log in with my google account. I have had to create a new forum account to post this. I can still log in with my android and apple apps.

I went to my google account security settings and it says iNaturalist is an unverified developer.

Although I granted it access by ticking a box it is still not working.


@mettehhh Thank you for that solution! It helped me access my account on via the website.

For what it’s worth to the developers, the ‘favicon’ for iNaturalist has changed so perhaps there have been some other behind-the-scenes changes that have upset Google.

I tried that and its telling me it doesn’t recognize my email. Fortunately my phone app works.

Never mind, I was committing and error with my sign in. It worked like a charm!

Brief update: iNaturalist appears to be hitting a rate limit imposed by Google and we are going through the steps with them to remove it (by getting verified).

In the meantime if you encounter this, this appears to be a good workaround:

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Having the same problem.

Is there any indication of a timeline on fixing this ?

I would really much rather use my Google credentials to login as I have done since joining the site versus creating a stand-alone account, but it is now a week of being locked out.