Not all IDs successfully submitted when using bulk uploader

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Step 1: Upload photos to bulk uploader

Step 2: ID photos within bulk uploader

Step 3: Submit observations

Step 4: See that some of your IDs did not publish

I reported having the same problem some months ago. I was told that I probably wasn’t actually attaching IDs, but I’m sure that I was. After that I started submitting a smaller number of observations at once, no more than about 50, and haven’t had the same problem.


Same! Thanks for the tip.


Same problem. I make all my observations with a digital camera, so often I add 100 or more observations. I always triple check my observations for correctness, but once it said that I had observed a White tailed Deer as a dandelion.
I’m gad someone else also had the problem


We generally recommend you don’t add more than about 50 photos per session to the upload page.

@cammie how many photos had you been adding? It would also be helpful if you can take screenshots of the upload page before you press submit.

Here is an example. I’ve started to now add observations in about 25 batches, and this still happened.

Yeah, definitely more than that. :grin: Maybe there should be an advisory about the limit on the bulk uploader page.

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