Not all of my own observations showing up for me!

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For some reason, some of my older observations don’t show up on my account. I can search them in explore one the website and they will show up, but even after doing so I still don’t see them. This makes it difficult for me to keep track of everything I have found, and is pretty frustrating. I will provide steps but it might only work on my own account…Please help! I have provided the screenshot from one of my favorite finds, and it does not show for my uploads that day at all.
Step 1:
search my observations on explore?
Step 2:
Check to see if some from March appear on my account.
Step 3:

Is this a search in the iOS app? What are the exact search parameters?

The search is on the website, on my computer (chrome.)

I just searched up “cyclopidae” and found my own observation, which does not show up on my account for IOS nor the website. I don’t have a lot of knowledge on these reports, I hope this answers your question.

When you say it does not show up on your “account,” what exactly are you looking at? Can you provide a screenshot of that page where you expect it to show up?


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I can try to explain, screenshots are hard to really help visualize what is happening. Basically, while on the mobile app AND the website, I can scroll through all of my observations in the my observations section. Everything appears in order, but I realized I could not find some of my favorite observations from early march, including hydra, cyclopidae, and ostracoda. But while on the website, I can search up a specific species in explore, and scroll to find my post. But even after having that proof the observation was not deleted, I still do not see it anywhere in my observations. This makes it troublesome, as mentioned before, to keep track of what I have and have not posted. If you can help me on how I can show this through screenshots please do, I really want this problem fixed.

I’m sorry, I don’t use the iNaturalist app, so I can’t help you there. But I can confirm that a search in Explore on the website, filtering for your observations made in March 2021, results in 103 observations, with one each of the taxa you named. I hope someone can help you with why some of these don’t show up in your app list.

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The iOS app only caches a certain number of your observations, so you won’t be able to scroll through all of your observations in the app’s Me tab (screenshot below), only the last several hundred (it will also add older observations if there is activity on them and you click on the activity for that observation).

Pretty much any screenshot you can provide will be helpful. For example, you use “my observations” but that can be interepreted several ways. And any URL from searches your perform on the website are also crucial because they allow us to try and replicate exactly what you’re doing.