Not happy with your user name?

Changing your username or your icon is a very serious thing.
I used my original username “Glycymeris” for three years and I changed it to “Invertebratist” last month because Glycymeris was a scientific name of a mollusc which prevented my profile to come first in search engine. Now many people have been telling me that they were very confused…


I’ve been using Goth Hobbit as a nom de 'Net since back in the days of LiveJournal. It has an older history than that, though.

I’m involved in science fiction & fantasy fandom; our local annual convention is celebrating its 54th year later this month. We usually top 800 attendees, even in a bad year. As you can imagine, in a crowd of that size, there are a whole lot of repeat names – and when you need to find a particular Becca, in a crowd where Becca is not an uncommon name, and at least half of them are redheads, and another half of those wear glasses to boot …putting Goth Hobbit on my convention name badge just seemed like an easy way to prevent a whole lot of fuss and frustration.

Besides, it’s a pretty apt description: short, sturdy, barefoot whenever practical (and sometimes when it isn’t), love being up to my elbows in garden dirt, have yet to meet an edible mushroom that I don’t like, and wear a whole lot of black. :grin:


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