Not possible to select from all existing "Observation Field" values during data export

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): iOS
Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Firefox, Chrome
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The only Observation Field I can select during observation export from seems to be the one I modified on iNaturalist. In my case it is only “caste” observation field.

Since all the other export options do not depend on how iNat users were previously interacting with iNat I report it as a bug and not a feature request. However, I can see that this might be a workaround to prevent a massive list of Observation Fields from flooding the export dialogue. In that case, a pull down menu giving access to all Observation fields could solve it.

Note to page admins: feel free to move this post under feature requests if more appropriate.

if you really want to export a particular observation field, you could add that particular observation to one of your observations. (you could even add it temporarily and then delete it after export, if you only need it to be able to export.)


Yes, thanks for the suggestion. That works but adding a temporal Observation Field just to enable this option in export seems like a workaround. I will not yet mark your answer as solution to see if this is considered a fixable bug by iNat stuff.

Since this is how the software is designed and we already have a GitHub issue for functionality that would address it, I’m going to close this bug report and I don’t think there needs to be a feature request. I think the delay in not including such functionality is that the exporter itself is pretty old and we’d like to rewrite it extensively instead of adding features piecemeal.

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