Observation fields not selectable in observation export options

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Windows 10, Firefox 84.0

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The observation fields section of the observation export page no longer displays observation fields to be selected, and so these fields cannot be included in observation exports. Clicking “All” next to “Observation fields” does not include them.

One way this is problematic involves IDs. Observation fields are the way to include IDs with provisional names for undescribed taxa that are disallowed in iNat’s taxonomy. Including those fields in the export allowed the right IDs to be picked out of the observation file. But with those fields now excluded, ID info is lost or ambiguous for many observations. E.g., does a scientific_name of Nepytia mean a genus-rank ID, or is there a species-rank Nepytia n. sp. ID in the missing field:provisional_name or field:holding_bin columns?

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Can replicate on either traditional or collection projects. Exports from “Your Observations” work as expected with observation fields present.

Wonder if staff expectation is now to use the API for projects?

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Sounds pretty buggy, I made a report here: https://github.com/inaturalist/inaturalist/issues/2904

I have the same problem. As a workaround, going via “Your observations” export and then changing the filter settings e.g. to a project seems to work.

Fixed just now. I’m able to see Obs Fields when trying to export obs from any number of projects.

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