November bioblitz ideas

I’m thinking about making it a long thing about Marchantiophyta, it’s a group with less species and observations than leaved mosses, they’re easy to recognize, great number of them are idable from good phone photos, but they’re rarely getting attention from users, so it’s a chance to learn some. Also, it’d be more realistic to find local keys to id them. Many of them are rare and included in red lists, so it’s a help in that way too. If somebody is interested I’ll start writing basic tutorials and draw banner/icon.


That’s a good idea, I like Marchantiophyta, but it could be quite hard to find many different species unless you go out of your way to find them… I only have 13 different species observed, and wouldn’t really know where to find more nearby.

Maybe focusing on lichen, moss AND liverworts?

There’re not many species both globally and locally, but many are underobserved even when they’re not rare, just because they’re small, focusing only on them will give more chances for this group to be observed and mapped (focusing more on observation numbers vs. purely species, here it). Then if there’ll be a request, could be different blitzes for different weeks, but much more expert help is needed for leaved mosses and lichens, so I’m afraid to set those.


No, that’s not what I meant. I meant that there is a steady stream of observations coming in, even in November; whereas a bioblitz is about encouraging people to upload a higher-than-usual number of observations. The disconnect for me is why there is a need for a higher-than-usual number of observations when we have that normal, constant stream coming in.

Your thoughts about Marchantiophyta are clearer to me. If a given taxon has been under-observed, then I can see the sense in encouraging a higher-than-usual number of observations of it, to try to close the gap.

Here it is still doubting the idea, but created it, so if anybody wants to join – you’re welcome.


It’s now November, has a bioblitz been created yet? The project @Marina_Gorbunova posted does not seem to have a working link.

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I deleted it because only one person joined it.

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We tried to join it yesterday, too. We still uploaded some lichens

I’ve found that Conifers are still readily observable and identifiable during the winter months. Maybe we could base a bioblitz on them?

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