Obligations of curators

In looking at the “People” page, I scroll through “iNat’s Noble Curators” and see many with 0 taxa curated, 0 taxon changes added, and 0 flags resolved. On the other hand, I just finished reading the Curator Guide, and I see in the External Taxonomic Autority List that for some taxa, it says “[@username] is a taxon curator for this group.”

So my question then is: when someone becomes a curator, does this come with a specific obligation to deal with specific taxa? The Curator Guide did not seem clear on that point. I am considering applying, but I want to make sure that I am not biting off more than I can chew, as the expression goes.

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no, and indeed there is no obligation to extensively curate taxa on iNat as a curator, the role also involves general moderation


Many of the people you see on this page are grandfathered in if you will. Early in iNat’s history, anybody who was a curator could promote another user to curator. Surely, many of these people offered curator positions by acquaintances said “yea why not” so they could have the title and then proceeded to never use their curator powers.

On the majority of days, I personally do not use my curator powers on iNat although some days when I’m in the mood I’ll open up the flags page and have a hayday trying to resolve as many as I’m capable of.


Oh, that’s where the statistics are! Looks like I need to improve my changes to flags ratio :slightly_smiling_face:


The curator guide is rather old and I think this might be from when only certain curators could edit certain groups.

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