Obscured and Projects

I don’t understand. I have a general taxa collection project for my city, and projects for specific ones in the same boundary.

I just posted a jumping spider from an obscured location, it won’t go on my jumping spiders project but it will go in the general collection project no problem. I don’t see why or what’s causing this.

It would help to post links to the specific projects that you are referring to and an observation that you think should be in a project but isn’t.

Also, it can take a little bit of time for observations to index to places and projects, so if you literally

the observation in question it may be best to wait a few hours to see if it updates.

Additionally, when you say

do you mean that you set the observation to obscured? Please themselves don’t have obscuration as a characteristic on iNat.

based on:

see: https://help.inaturalist.org/en/support/solutions/articles/151000169942-why-is-my-observation-not-showing-up-in-a-place-or-collection-project-i-know-i-observed-it-there-

I changed the location to be open to fix it but they have the same ‘bounding box’ in both projects

what is the other project?

this one

the projects are using different underlying places.

Thanks, I just checked. I’m pretty confused why Bangkok Metropolis = the province and how its different from Bangkok. Very confusing because the province is called Bangkok.

read the last paragraph in the help link that i referenced.

So Bangkok is user-created and bangkok metropolis = a province? Interesting stuff, bangkok metropolis is not the correct name.

Anyway thanks it fixed some of my old problems too because I was using ‘Bangkok’ which wasn’t the official ‘province’.

i don’t know anything about how the folks governing Bangkok view things, but this provides some insight into the most recent origins of Bangkok Metropolis in iNaturalist: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/thailand-inaturalist-world-tour/5546