Obscured coordinates for at risk species

I have downloaded my data from a project I am administrator of in iNaturalist. The lat and long are obscured as they should be for at risk species. However the private_lat and private_long are also blank empty cells as well as the geoprivacy cells? What does this mean? There are only obscured coordinates available and why isn’t there the private coordinates?

  • what download method are you using?

  • can you please share the project URL and URLs of some example observations? If you don’t want to share them here, you can send them to help@inaturalist.org.

I did some digging into each individual observation. And it seems the observer has singled out specific projects that can see the coordinates and my project was not included.

I wonder how you single out projects who can see the coordinates? So if I want to share observations with several projects but only allow specific projects to trust with the accurate location how do I do this?

I believe only traditional projects and not collection projects have the option to share obscured/private data with the project admins/curators.

Generally when you join a project, you are offered the option to share your data with the project or not. As collection projects are basically just saved searches, they don’t have this option. I’m not 100% sure how to update these settings, but if you go to the project page of a traditional project and click on “Your Membership” you may be able to check/change them there.

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